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vSens is a family of Smart Sensors which enables Industry 4.0, making factories smarter. The sensor family can be attached to multiple industrial equipment, and can monitor machine parameters continuously.

vSens family of sensors are all IoT based smart sensors that helps track various parameters of interest to manufacturing plants. vSens IOT sensors when integrated with IOT Platforms like Vegam IOT, Vegam 4i, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc., opens up endless possibilities of analytics and actions driven by data. vSens family with its low power architecture, battery powered operations are capable of enabling applications that were earlier deemed impossible.
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 vSens advantages

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  • Capability to generate alerts based on dynamic needs, making them ‘smart’.

  • vSense sensors support open interfaces, and can work with wide variety of Gateway devices and cloud solutions.

  • All the sensors have very low power needs and can be completely wire-free, drive from just batteries.

  • Sensors do continuous monitoring and logging, critical for developing Big Data / Analytic apps 

 vSens 3 Axis specifications

  • Ip68 Industrial grade casing

  • Mems based 3 Axis Accelerometers –> Configurable sampling rate, smart alerts, signal filters

  • Contact based temperature sensor–> Smart alerts

  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE 4.2/ BLE 5)

  • 1000 mAh Li battery

  • Real time charts

  • Mobile & cloud app with analytics

  • Accessories–> samarium cobalt (SaCo), magnetic connector screw-thread connector

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vSens- “Production counter” specification

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  • Ip68 industrial grade casing

  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE 5)

  • 5000 mAh Li battery

  • OK / No-OK counter

  • Assembly line productivity monitor

  • Real time production tracking

  • Smart alerts

  • Mobile & cloud app

vSens- “Valve state sensor” specification


  • Ip68 Industrial grade casing

  • 9 Axis motion sensor –> orientation in space, smart alerts

  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE 5)

  • Real time charts

  • Mobile & cloud app with analytics

  • Accessories –> Samarium Cobalt (SaCo) Magnetic Connector, Screw-Thread Connector

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IoT / Mobile platform

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  • Industrial IoT platform, interfaced with IoT sensors, devices, machines, control systems, IT systems, databases and online data sources.

  • Build real time dashboards for process parameters and alerts on data using dragand drop application builder

  • Achieve data driven monitoring & transactions using configurable security and control capabilities

  • Integration with legacy machines and sensors with / without standard interfaces.

  • Enables usage in factory control net, intranet & internet settings


Packaged industry 4.0 enabler, pre-integrated with various sensors and ready to deploy in production.
Continuous conditional monitor with real-time streaming to your mobile/computer.
Integrated with VegamView, a complete IoT platform, offering advanced alerts, bigdata analytics. 
Application in many industries for monitoring health of critical equipment. 
Real time alerts on mobile to avoid costly failures on time.
Historical data used to develop predictive models, using various analytical tools.
Want to keep an eye on your assets’ health?